How influential are you on Twitter?

If you are a Twitter user, there’s a website that tells you how influential you are. It’s a graphical and fascinating look at your Twitter social network.

It’s called, and the higher your Klout score is, the more influential you are. The highest you can get is 100. I got a mere 31.

According to this site, my tweets are focused around specific content. This is definitely true. The report told me that my most influential topics are #1 church and #2 iPhone. Earlier my list also said the topic of “Albert” was there. Good to know people find my husband interesting. I certainly do.

Seeing as I am totally unstrategic about my tweets and just do it for fun, I suppose 31 is not a bad score. I’m amazed that there are 78 people reading my tweets. However, it is pretty fun seeing that Rick Warren has 12,000 people reading his and Guy Kawasaki has has 189,000 people. If I had that many people reading my tweets I would think twice about posting my dinner for the evening.

It’s a cool tool and for those serious about social networking it looks like a good way to gauge how effective your tweeting is.

But as for me, I’m happy posting the funny quotes my family says… because my family generates enough content to keep me laughing every day!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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