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2010 in review

Finally! Our annual recap!

This is the first time I have ever posted a year in review blog. I used to send out yearly newsletters that were really fun and creative but in the past 2 years I haven’t sent one due to:

  1. Moving. It’s a bit sad when my own sister emails me to get my current home address!
  2. Family budget cuts. Not only has the economy been impacted but our family has too.
  3. Rising postage costs. With over 100 on our list, costs were getting a bit prohibitive.
  4. Lack of time. Going full time into vocational ministry will do that to you.
  5. Loss of free slave labor. Alas, my kids have grown old enough to know they don’t need to help me any more!

And now… it’s time to migrate to the digital platform. It’s a new decade… time to move into the 21st century.

So… the first time ever…

2010 Yee Yeear in Ryeeview!

(It’s so nice having such a versatile last name.)

Yes, we are still in Davis. No, we have not moved in the past year — the first time in years. Hooray!

I must also put in a disclaimer that this is a highly biased blog from my (Angela’s) point of view. You won’t hear much from Albert’s point of view because his blog is like 2 years behind. But if he updates it, I’ll put in links next year! 🙂


  • Megan continues in the Sacramento Youth Symphony Premiere Orchestra (the highest level one, mostly high-schoolers).
  • Daniel continues his love of fencing and goes to a fencing tournament.
  • Albert continues to work as a part-time mechanical engineer at Thoratec in Rancho Cordova, on the other side of Sacramento.
  • Angela continues to work full-time as a pastor at University Covenant Church. Her team puts on a StrengthsFinder seminar. Her #1 strength is Achiever. Surprise, surprise.


  • Fencing continues to take up a large part of our lives as both Albert and Daniel fence. (Daniel’s on the right.) Another tournament.
  • Angela coordinates a marriage conference.

At this point Angela becomes much more intentional about posting pictures in her blog…almost every blog has a picture, except for those relating funny family conversations.


Angela gives an all-day workshop at the BASS church leadership conference and gets to meet Luis Palau, a Christian leader she highly respects. She finds a green bug strolling in her salad.
Megan has a concert with the Sacramento Youth Symphony. Angela earns the title “Picture Mom” and becomes the designated volunteer photographer for the group. (Interesting to see how the photography has improved over the year!)
Albert continues to hold his title as the Master Engineer of the family as he practices food experiments. Angela continues to hold the title of Person Worst in Math in the family. (For a related post from the end of the year, click here.)
Angela helps with the church’s women’s retreat.
Daniel is growing into quite a decisive young man.


After months of pain, Angela finally goes in for physical therapy for her shoulder. (Months later she discovers that therapy did not work and gets a cortisone shot in the shoulder, which has now almost fully healed her shoulder.)
Angela goes up to Seattle for a women’s pastor cohort leadership retreat.
Although Albert is an engineer and Angela is a designer, the truth is we are two geeks with geeky children.
But it is also a well-known fact that neither has any sort of ability to grow anything worthwhile. (This is also the post where Angela discovers the benefits of photographing in RAW format.)
Angela’s mom visits and we have a potsticker-making fest.
Albert and Angela get away for Angela’s birthday celebration at Capitola. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Angela’s sister Corrie takes Angela out to tea for her birthday — now an annual birthday tradition!


Megan and the Sacramento Youth Symphony have their last concert of the year. We are thankful for the opportunity and wonderful experience she had but sure don’t complain about not needing to drive her to rehearsals out on the other side of Sacramento every week!
Some of Angela’s projects:

  • A video about a guy named Jack who discovered the joy of using his skills in serving.
  • Bible sketchnotes from Angela’s devotional times.
Daniel gets second place at a fencing tournament!
Another story about math… and an unusual brother-sister relationship.
Angela discovers some blood sugar issues… hints of possible diabetes in the future. 🙁


Albert goes on a business trip to Virginia.
Some of Angela’s jewelry projects.

(For more jewelry projects, click “Jewelry” link on the left.)

Angela gets an iPad! (A noteworthy event in such a geeky family like ours.)
Here’s a video of the kids playing violin and piano.
Angela and Megan go to Europe for 10 days with the Sacramento Youth Symphony. Megan gets to perform in Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague!


More engineer vs. graphic designer projects:

Angela goes to Washington D.C. to teach a workshop at the Triennial women’s conference for the Covenant denomination.

Second day.

Another tea — this time Corrie’s birthday!
Our car gets stolen! …with a twist to the ending.


Angela helps direct a week-long summer day camp/vacation Bible school at church, called Breakaway. Both kids are involved as well.
We celebrate our 19th anniversary with a night in Sacramento eating fondue and then later in the month go to San Francisco: Day 1 and Day 2.
More instruments! Megan learns to play the guitar and Daniel learns to play the bass.
Megan also continues to develop her love of drawing Japanese anime.
Megan has discovered a love of shopping. Daniel, on the other hand… let’s just say he’s not so thrilled.
The family goes to San Francisco to see the musical Wicked and stumbles upon the most amazing library ever.
Angela starts yet another blog, Faith Action Steps.
The kids start full-time public school for the first time ever. Who knew one of the challenges would be figuring out how to open a locker?
Angela is thrilled Corrie has a new baby! Nephew Matthew enters the world!
Megan turns 14! Albert also celebrates his birthday.


Angela and the pastoral team go up to Tahoe for a retreat.
Daniel turns 16! But he almost falls asleep at his dinner.
Albert and Angela get into knitting. Alas, we need to take pictures of Albert’s knitting projects as the archive is severely lacking in this area.

(Click “Knitting” for more knitting projects.)

Angela is a speaker on an online national Nines leadership conference. Her video is about learning how to focus…ironic coming from someone who struggles with it so much!
Another engineer vs. graphic designer battle.
Angela is very excited that the church gets black curtains, meaning that she now can redesign the stage.
Angela is thrilled to get a new Nikon D700 digital SLR camera that further improves her ability to take better pictures. This site regularly posts things she is learning about taking better photos. (Click on “photography” on the left.)
We launch a Sunday Night Service for the first time. Angela helps coordinate the launch.
Angela goes to Mundelein, Illinois for a preaching cohort retreat. Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3


Sure has been a year of travel! Angela and Daniel go to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, as Daniel is interested in leadership and this is a conference for up and coming Christian leaders.
Angela’s colleague Keith, the worship director, leaves staff, meaning a job shift for Angela as she takes over some of the worship responsibilities in the interim.
We go to San Francisco to celebrate Albert’s Aunt Betty’s 70th birthday.


Too busy working this month for hardly any blogs. Angela gets her first paid gig as a photographer at the Sacramento Youth Symphony Veteran’s Day concert.
We celebrate Thanksgiving as Angela’s mom and sister’s family joins us.


Angela discovers an excellent way to combat the rising blood sugar — exercising at her computer!
Angela and Megan go down to Santa Monica for Megan to perform with the California Orchestra Director’s Association Honors Orchestra.
Angela goes on an aqua kick with knitting and jewelry.
Baby Matthew gets dedicated and we go to his celebration party.
Albert always says the funniest things, like this and this.
Megan plays her very first violin solo with the orchestra! Both sides of grandparents come to visit and attend. Here’s also the video.
The last engineer vs. graphic designer post of the year.
Angela has a blast designing the stage for Christmas Eve service. (Also a post on lighting the stage for anyone who’s interested in that kind of stuff.)
We end the year taking our first road trip as a family in year — hanging on in Napa pretty much doing nothing. Just the way we like it! Part 1 · Part 2

It was very fun to review this year and be reminded of so much to be thankful for. This blog doesn’t even include the many many answered prayers and things the Lord has taught us through this year. He constantly reminds us of His amazing goodness!

Happy New Year!

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  • Reply Andy Wong

    Hi Angela – very fun! I really enjoyed your ‘real’ cards and will miss them. However, I loved seeing your 2010 Yeear in Review online, too! Happy New Year! ~ Andy

    January 2, 2011 at 12:10 am
  • Reply Ann Martin

    You guys are amazing! It’s a joy to peek into your busy and so productive lives. Manuel and I are going to be in San Francisco Jan. 6-10 (We leave from Oakland at noon.) Our niece (They live in Berkeley) had a baby boy in December and we’re going to meet him. A college friend of our daughter’s also had a baby boy recently and we’re hoping to meet him as well. My cell phone # is 720.273.1441.

    Happy New Year to all of you and keep up the good work!

    Ann Martin

    January 2, 2011 at 8:07 am
  • Reply Corrie

    Isn’t digital SO MUCH easier?!?! 🙂

    Funnily enough, Steve and I are considering sending a paper Christmas card next year (but still with an online newsletter). We’ll see if that happens.

    January 3, 2011 at 3:21 am
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