New stage design

Since the Christmas season is now over, we had to take everything down, which was a great opportunity to create a new stage design!

My previous posts (here and here) talked about the Christmas Eve stage design. The end result was this:

I didn’t get a picture of the candle lighting mode of the stage design, so I went back and took a picture during the day. This is the lighting we used during the candle lighting at the Christmas Eve services, without any colored lights.

Before we took everything down, I drew a couple of designs in Illustrator. Here’s the design we ended up choosing.

Peter and Glen went up on the lift and ladder to take everything down.

Now that we have done this once, the second time was a lot easier. Peter and Glen used ropes to hang the pipes down from the ceiling and we added the fabric to the pipes. We have about a 19-foot ceiling.

Then it was time to raise them up.

Peter and Clyde went up…

And up…

And hooked the pipes onto some chains.

Time for the next pipe.

Then it was time to gather the fabric. I tried to verbally tell Glen what to do but it was hard to communicate.

So I faced my fear of heights and slowly climbed up the ladder. Can you tell I’m not very comfortable with heights? I was practically hugging the ladder.

That’s really high up for me!

But finally it was done! It didn’t look exactly like the picture but it was close.

Glen grabbed my camera and was taking pictures. He got the idea to try to get an unusual angle with the lighting.

But then I put him to work building stands for the lights that would be on the ground. I forgot to take a picture of them but they look like a nest of lights saying, “Feed me! Feed me!” because they are all arranged in a hole. I’ll have to take a picture.

After adjusting the ceiling and floor lights, we were able to make different color combinations. Like this…

And this…

And this… Unfortunately you can’t really tell the bottom is bright yellow. Doesn’t show on this photo so it doesn’t look as good as it does in person.

Another variation…

Side view. I like how the cross looks like it’s just hanging there. You can’t really tell from the picture, but it is about 8 feet out from the wall, floating in space.

Here’s a more green view. Due to the limited number of lights and shallow stage, we were not able to light all the fabric and could only do small sections of it. We have 3 color settings on the ceiling and 2 on the floor.

I programmed the submasters so that the colors would change throughout the service. This is the setting during the sermon when Jamie was preaching. You can actually see more of the stage but it’s hard to see in this picture.

This set will stay up a couple months because it took us a full 2 days to do the fabric and almost all 29 lights. Because we have a lift that needs to be manually moved, that means we had to move it at least 32 different times, meaning Peter dragged that thing across the floor by himself each time.

But the effort was well worth it. It was cool hearing a story later of a guy who came to our church who had never come before, dragged here by a relative, and very unfriendly with arms crossed. Throughout the service, he was impacted by the music, the message, the lighting, and the visuals (and said so later). God met him in such a powerful way that his heart entirely turned around.

It’s stories like that that make all the work worth it!

A Yee

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