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The room behind the stage at church has been a disaster lately. It has been long overdue for a reorganization, to the point it was getting dangerous — I almost tripped and fell last week because there was so much stuff in there! So, today a team of people got together to do a storage room makeover!

Unfortunately I always forget to take a before picture! Very frustrating. I remembered to take a picture once the room was half cleared. Imagine the picture below, but almost every inch of the floor space is taken up with items piled so high there is barely anywhere to step. That’s how the room looked. By this time, we had taken out all the items. (There’s Carol, in the corner going through boxes.)

Here’s the other side of the room. The floor was literally entirely covered!

To give you an idea of how much stuff was in there, here’s how the place looked. Almost everything on the stage and on the floor was from the storage room (other than the drums behind the drum shield on the stage).

Here’s how the stage looked. I can’t imagine how we fit everything in there!

First task was moving those big mis-matching cabinets upstairs to the office for much-needed storage space. That was sure a long stairwell though… and this was just half of it.

Help was needed. Glen went around asking for burly men to help. Jamie stepped up to the task. Though he did comment that he noticed that Glen asked him last.

And they lugged it up the stairs!

While they lifted a very heavy cabinet, I carried my 9.6 oz point-and-shoot camera and took pictures. Someone’s gotta do the hard work.

The cabinets fit perfectly and Bill got out his tools to make sure everything was solid.

Voila! Cabinets gone. Wow. What a white wall. Haven’t seen that since I’ve been here. White floor too. Marilyn swept and mopped the whole thing.

The other side was cleared out too, except we moved the big baptismal tank up on the file cabinets.

Then it was time to assemble shelves. Peter and Clyde put those together.

Glen decided to test how strong they were. But then it looked like he was sleeping in a bunk. Either that or a dead body.

Then Peter decided to sit and guard the place so that people would not bring in unnecessary items.

But Clyde started moving stuff in anyway.

In the reorg, one of the things we tried to do was use all the air space and stack stuff all the way up to the ceiling.

We succeeded! It was amazing once we brought everything back in, how little floor space it took.

That’s because the shelves were packed full. We ran out of bins… I will need to go get some more so we can be a little more efficient with our space.

The other side of the room…

The completed room! I sure wish we had a before picture so you could see the contrast.

The items in front of the file cabinet need to be sorted and tossed, and then the room will be done. There is even an area now for the worship team to hang out during the multiple services.

The project was an 8-hour job but it was well worth it… and the greatest part was working with such an awesome team of hard-working people. I feel very blessed to serve together with them!

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