The mail adventure

Albert is out of town this week and it wasn’t until halfway through the week that I realized I forgot to get the mail! Oops.

So I went out to get the mail… at midnight.

I mean, how hard can it be to get mail, right?


As is often the case with me, what is supposed to be an easy task ends up being … a long blog post.

Here were the steps involved:

1. Get my keys and go out to the mailbox.

Fortunately, I remember my keys.

Unfortunately, I have no idea which key opens the mail box.

(I’ve lived here a year and a half and never gotten the mail! Or I vaguely recall getting it once but it was so long ago, I had no idea which box was mine.)

2. Finally find a key that looks like it might belong to the mailbox because I’ve never used it before.

3. Insert key into every single mailbox in the unit. In the dark.

4. Finally, almost the last box opens. Mail! Mail! More Mail!

And… what appear to be two more keys.

5. I have never seen this before but assume they go into the big lockers next to my small one.

6. Insert key into box. Doesn’t work. Try the other box, doesn’t work.

7. Use the other key. Insert into box. Doesn’t work. Try the other box, doesn’t work.

8. Notice there are two keyholes. Maybe my own key is supposed to go into the other slot. Doesn’t work.

9. Maybe the key is upside down. Try every direction in every box. Doesn’t work.

10. Look at watch and notice it is past midnight, meaning hubby is fast asleep because its 3 in the morning where he’s at.

11. Wonder if I should just wait and call him in the morning.

12. Decide I don’t want to wait because I’m pretty sure a package I have been waiting for is stuck in that locker.

13. Run inside and ask son if he knows how to open the mailbox. No luck.

14. Run back outside and try the keys again and turn as hard as I can. Won’t budge.

15. Run inside and do internet search on stuck mailboxes. Nothing. Learned interesting things about how keys and locks work, though.

16. Run outside and try to jiggle key in lock. Nope.

17. Run inside and IM one of my friends who I know has used one of these things before, who suggests I use WD40. (Nice to have night owl friends!)

18. Run to the garage and rummage around until I find WD40.

19. Recall hubby had a little red straw that goes with the can but can’t find it anywhere.

20. Run back outside and spray blindly in the dark, hoping that I actually hit the lock.

21. Insert key into lock. It turns! Packages!

22. Insert key into other lock. It doesn’t work.

23. Spray lock again.

24. It works! Another package!

Total time: 15 minutes.

Whoever took 15 minutes to open their mailbox????

Good thing I don’t work for the postal service. Not only would their staff costs be over budget but the mail would all get into people’s hands a year late.

A Yee

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