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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how often I have mishaps while I am traveling. My husband, on the other hand, would be a fully qualified Boy Scout — always prepared.

However, his conscientiousness was not much help this past week in his travels to the East Coast.

Day 1

  • Get to Sacramento Airport 2 hours early.
  • Plane leaves late.
  • Albert arrives in Minnesota and runs to plane just in time to see it sitting at the gate, with doors closed.
  • Plane takes off as Albert watches. Goodbye, plane.
  • Airline pays for hotel and dinner. Albert spends the night in Minnesota.

Day 2

  • Albert wakes up at 3:30 a.m. California time to get onto the early bird flight to Boston.
  • Gets there and by that time his coworkers (who took another flight and got there earlier) have abandoned him, leaving Albert to take a cab and go directly to the company for a meeting.

Day 3

  • Clouds dumps 18 inches of snow in one day.
  • Albert is trapped in his hotel the whole day, unable to go to work. Here’s a sight you never see out here in Davis, California!

Day 4

  • Albert and his coworkers drive to New Hampshire for a meeting.
  • The only uneventful day so far.

Day 5

  • Albert goes back to Boston Airport to catch a plane back home.
  • The plane he’s going to take home arrives at the gate — trailed by two fire trucks. There’s been a fire in the cockpit.
  • Albert ends back at a hotel that night. At least he had a nice view.

Day 6

  • Albert gets two hours of sleep and goes to the airport.
  • It flies to Detroit.
  • The next flight takes off late.
  • He flies out to San Francisco.
  • The kids and I drive 1.5 hours to pick him up.
  • There is heavy fog all day.
  • I drink too much water.
  • Bad news: I have to go the bathroom.
  • Good news: At least I don’t fall asleep while driving.
  • I pick up Albert.
  • Our family is happily reunited!

The saga now turns around. We drive down to Los Altos to visit Mom and Dad.

We also document how much our son has grown. We made sure Daniel and Mom were standing on even ground when this picture was taken.

How did such a big kid come out of my tummy?

We also enjoy a delicious lunch. This picture was taken with Albert’s Christmas present to me — a small Panasonic point and shoot camera that goes down to f 2.0, allows manual mode and also shoots in RAW! I now carry it everywhere so I can capture pictures when I don’t have my big heavy SLR around.

I must say, I am pretty impressed with the quality of photos that come out. It’s really nice to be able to adjust ISO, shutter, and f-stop manually!

After lunch, we go to visit my Mom. But I am so exhausted I have a headache. We arrive at her house we crash on her sofa and floor. After a short nap, Albert was not feeling well so we didn’t stay very long and went home.

Now our family is safely and happily home.

And Albert can honestly say that all these mishaps were none of his doing… unlike my travel stories… but that’s for another time.

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