Date at Starbucks

I have been to Starbucks 3 times this week.

  • Day 1: Sermon prep. A barista named Steve took my order. He remembered my name even though I didn’t tell him what it was! I was very impressed.
  • Day 2: Date with Albert. Steve was there again! He learned Albert’s name.
  • Day 3 (Tonight): Date with Daniel.

Tonight, Daniel and I walked up to the counter. Steve was there again.

Steve: Where’s Albert?

Me: Oh, tonight is mother-son date night. So I am here with my son.

I went home and told Albert.

Albert: You should have told him, “I ditched Albert for a younger man.”

Me: I would never say that!

Albert: (to Daniel) Next time that happens, just tell him, “I like older women.”

Daniel: I am mentally disturbed. Why do I know so many mentally disturbing people?

The men in our family are always making me laugh!

A Yee

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