New marriage conference

This past weekend we held a marriage conference. It was a new conference from Family Life, called “The Art of Marriage.” It was quite an excellent conference!

The conference is a brand new conference produced and packaged by Family Life. It is entirely video, with an accompanying notebook and pauses throughout for people to process.

The topics varied from communication to how to avoid drifting apart to roles to sex to leaving a legacy. It was very creative and well-paced. It included testimonies, dramas, artistic elements, humor, and teaching from pastors and experts. I appreciated the solid biblical foundation of the material as well as the practical aspects.

Albert and I were up in the tech booth all day Saturday as it allowed me to have an overview of what was going on and also the ability to communicate with the tech team and host downstairs. Our college ministry provided free childcare — they are amazing!

During Saturday, couples had an hour and 45 minutes to go have a date and do a project together. Albert and I had very many good discussions and really enjoyed the conference. Stuff like this is so worthwhile to do and we are thankful for the opportunity. We got to write love letters to each other and his was very touching. My primary love language is words of affirmation so it was very meaningful to me.

Altogether, 80 people attended the event. Unfortunately our screens are too high for it to be very comfortable viewing but we didn’t really have many other alternatives. The youth center was too small for so many people (would have felt quite cramped and uncomfortable), our projector is too dim to put a screen on the floor (because the light comes in the window and we have no curtains), and we had no budget to rent anything. Ahh… such are the challenges of coordinating an event given the limitations.

However, on the plus side, many couples said it helped them have good conversations, the snacks were yummy (Glen is our children’s ministry guy and was in charge of snacks so he got Hostess Ding Dongs — and people loved them!), it was a relatively low-hassle event (pretty slim volunteer team), and the volunteers were fantastic.

Plus, there was a lot of solid biblical teaching and emphasis on listening to the Holy Spirit and building a spiritual foundation in marriage.

It was well worth the effort!

A Yee

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