Friday feast

On Fridays we typically have teenagers at our house because they come in the afternoon, have dinner, and then stay for Bible study and fun afterwards. It was great that today was the first day I really didn’t do any work on my day off. (Partly because I need to work tomorrow.) But because it […]

#7 Perseverance

1 Samuel 17 — If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing David even made it to getting to fight Goliath, much less killing the big guy. I mean, here he is, going along his merry way being pizza delivery boy for his brothers. (Have you ever noticed he brought grain/bread and cheese to his […]

Granite hunting

Albert and I went looking at granite today because we are going to replace our counters. We went to Medimar in Sacramento. The architecture is quite eclectic. I didn’t get a picture of outside because it was raining — it’s like 3 different styles and colors outside — but this is what you walk into […]