Friends from Fremont

Today we were very happy our long-time friends the Lees came to visit us!

It has been ages since we have seen Helen and Steven. It was also the first time we met Amanda’s boyfriend Hubert.

We all went to Crepeville for lunch — it was their first time in Davis. I got my favorite, the San Francisco Benedict.

It was also the first time I discovered that Crepeville will substitute tomatoes or cottage cheese at no charge if you don’t want potatoes. My blood sugar was pretty happy about that!

Afterwards we went home and talked and hung out… and as our tradition dictated, Albert and Steven conked out on the sofa and floor while I knitted and Helen played Scrabble on her iPhone and we chatted. A visit with the Lee’s is never complete unless someone takes a nap in the living room.

Just like old times!

A Yee

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