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Granite hunting

Albert and I went looking at granite today because we are going to replace our counters. We went to Medimar in Sacramento.

The architecture is quite eclectic. I didn’t get a picture of outside because it was raining — it’s like 3 different styles and colors outside — but this is what you walk into when you first walk into the place.

This was the ceiling.

The flooring is gorgeous, of course. This place does sell stone after all. I guess that wouldn’t be such a good idea if you sold stone flooring and then your floor was all carpet.

Here’s another view, demonstrating all the different styles of tiling.

There’s stone everywhere.

But what I thought was cool was the rows and rows of granite.

Albert and I briskly walked up and down the aisles and picked out our top choices.

This granite was very much like the one in our previous house, called Giallo Fiorito.

This one was called Cecila Gold. Both the previous one and this one were less than $10 a square foot.

The color’s not quite right though — that photo above is too bright. This close-up below shows the real color better.

Then there was a brownish-blackish one, called Brown Shada.

What I liked was the cool little blue specks in it. This one was $22 a square foot.

This one was gorgeous — reminded me of the granite I helped pick out for Albert’s mom’s bathroom, called Crema Bordeaux. This one and the next three were mid-teens in terms of pricing.

Here’s a close-up — so beuatiful! But pink doesn’t work too well in our kitchen so we passed it up.

This one was really dark, so dark you can see my reflection! I forgot to write down the name.

But it also had little flecks in it. We liked it but then said, nahhhh… and passed on by.

And then the big ticket one. Labrador Astrale. A mere $73.25 per foot. (!!!!!!)

Apparently this is because there are gemstones embedded in the granite. Gemstones that cause brilliant flashes of color.

You have to look at it at the right angle, but it’s gorgeous!

Wow, is that cool or what?

Albert and I also found this one — Blue Pearl. Only $12.75 a square foot. Wow, what a range of prices!

It had a very nice neutral color with slight blue tinges.

But this one was our favorite — Volga Blue, from the Volga River in Russia. It was $15.40 a square foot.

It had brilliant flashes of color in it too. But it was way cheaper than that $70 one!

The flashes aren’t as bright as the other one. But at 20% of the price, I’ll take it!

So then it was time to pick up the granite. They had a cool 5 ton crane that moves along the ceiling (the yellow bar on top).

The bottom part clamps on the rock…

… lifts it up…

… and moves it aside.

Just for fun I also went around and took pictures of other cool granite.

There’s quartzite granite, which looks like washes of color.

Albert thought this one was cool — looked like the surface of the planet Jupiter, only in green.

Then there was this dull slate-like one.

You can see the texture isn’t so shiny.

This one was so interesting.

It had a bumpy surface. Albert said, “I wonder how they cut this thing?” Later we walked past and there were some people standing there looking at it and the guy there said, “I wonder how they cut this?”

I wonder how many times this slab of granite has heard that from people walking by?

Albert liked this one, though I didn’t really care for red.

Here’s a detail.

Fortunately my husband lets me pick out the colors. 🙂 His job is to be amusing.

Like when we were there, I saw him doing this.

I was wondering what he was doing until he told me to take a picture. The right side is the real Albert. The left side is his reflection.

I was laughing so hard!

And yes, he was using what will be our new kitchen counter one of these weeks.

We were in and out of there in a little over an hour. The sales guy commented, “You guys are so organized. You have your notebook and your camera and you seem to know exactly what you want.”

Ah yes, always fun to be organized and have a camera to take pictures wherever I go!

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  • Reply Glen Nielsen

    I’ve never seen Albert look so … uh … um … symmetrical.

    March 19, 2011 at 10:38 pm
  • Reply Glen Nielsen

    If you took a pic of his right side (with reflection) and compared the 2 with the real Albert, I wonder how different they would all look … like non-identical triplets I would imagine …

    March 19, 2011 at 10:46 pm
  • Reply Carmen Lin

    Wow! They gave you a very wide spectrum of colors & textures to choose from. Cool.

    April 24, 2011 at 2:34 pm
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