Cubby hole shelf before and after

The clutter in our house has been driving me nuts lately. This is partly due to the fact that I am the main clutter buster in our house and also because I’ve been working so much and busy that I haven’t had time to tackle it.

So this weekend Albert and I took an impromptu trip to IKEA and were happy to find the black shelf inserts were finally in stock! There were only 7 though, so we cleaned them out.

Here’s the before picture.

Lovely busy shelves. I tried to put in baskets but some things just don’t do well in baskets. The clutter spilleth over. Here’s the after picture.

What a difference!

The lighting is different because I took the first picture during the day and then spent the afternoon assembling the doors and then took the second picture at night. You are looking at the wonderful green cast of our florescent lights. Even color corrected it but still looks a bit green to me.

Here’s a side view. Before.

(I forgot to take a genuine before picture and only thought of it after I installed one of the drawers. But you get the idea.)


We still need a couple near the bottom but the IKEA is out of stock now… thanks to the Yee family.

Now if only I could remember what I put behind which door… Getting things will be like playing a game show and trying to guess which door on the first try!

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