Friday feast

On Fridays we typically have teenagers at our house because they come in the afternoon, have dinner, and then stay for Bible study and fun afterwards.

It was great that today was the first day I really didn’t do any work on my day off. (Partly because I need to work tomorrow.) But because it was the first time in weeks, I actually got to catch up at home. And since I knew we would have more people would be around the dinner table today, I cooked something unusual — multiple dishes for dinner. All new recipes, of course. (Have I mentioned I get bored easily?) And even made dessert!

These are not the best of pictures as they were taking under our florescent lights. Had to open my aperture all the way so that’s why there’s excessive bokeh (blurriness) in these pictures.

Veggie was creamed corn with canned diced tomatoes and one egg, simmered over the stove. Then diced tomatoes and parsley tossed on top. It was actually a slow cooker recipe, but since I didn’t have time to slow cook, I just made it over the stove.

Ground turkey meatballs with green onions, bread crumbs and an egg. Microwaved and drizzled blue cheese dressing on top.

Then chicken thighs (skin removed) with tomatoes, celery and carrots.

Plus not pictured was shrimp remoulade salad on salad greens, that I made earlier. It was not an all-yellow meal, as these pictures appear to show.

Dessert was Tiramisu cake, basically white cake mix with 3 eggs and 1 pint of melted coffee ice cream. Soooo easy.

Served with ice cream or cool whip, it was a hit!

Not pictured: my husband and our house guest, El. We had lots of happy eaters tonight!

Bible study was great. The topic was on how the Bible came to be and we did a spoof of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Except we called it “Who wants to be a Bible Master?” I used an old template I had made before and we changed it to make a fun game that the study was based on. It was so fascinating to discuss the historical origins of the Bible.

It was a great evening and now there is actually food in the fridge. The up side? Everyone was so happy eating.

The down side? My doctor told me to stay away from water due to my eczema and dry skin. By the end of the evening, thanks to cooking and washing my hands, four of my fingers had cracked open. I should invest in Band-Aid stock.

Great kids, great fun!

A Yee

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