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Davis causeway under water

There has been so much rain that the causeway between Sacramento and Davis is totally flooded. Usually it’s marshy land or green grass.

Now it appears to have become The Grey Sea.

Today Albert and I drove out to Sacramento. While he drove, I got out my little camera and started taking pictures. The weather was a perfect illustration of why the land now resembles the time of Noah.

Just to give you an idea, here is a Google map of the causeway — the stretch of freeway between Davis and Sacramento. Davis is on the left. Sacramento is on the right. And between the two there is a good 8 to 10 minutes of freeway driving.

Here is a satellite picture, showing how normally on either side of I-80 land is green marshy fields or dry dirt.

Here’s the land near Davis on the way home. Notice the green fields and occasional telephone pole or power line sticking out. Also, notice how grey and dingy it is out. This is typically how it looks like when we are driving out.

Now here is the picture of us on the way out. It hadn’t started raining yet. Much brighter! However flooding has taken over what previously was land.

This previously was swampy land, with patches of water. Now it’s more water with patches of swampy land.

And then… a sea. Water as far as the eye can see. In fact, I think most of the 8 or 10 minutes was all water. The telephone poles are swimming in the water.

A view of how close the water comes to the freeway.

Trees, barely peeking out above the water.

Here’s a shot of some trees near some elevated land.

Up til now, I had gotten some clear shots out of the window. But now any more.

On the way home, I was going to take pictures of the other side of the causeway — the side that Albert said was more interesting. But then itt suddenly started dumping.

Not the best visibility. However my husband’s amazing driving skills came in handy. After all, he learned to drive in Kansas. This storm today was like  mere blip in the radar compared to what they get out there in winter.

Dark, dismal, grey, and trees halfway under water. this side has a chain link fence so it was hard to get decent pictures. But these should give you an idea.

Here’s a better picture.

And of course, the obligatory lone telephone pole, refusing to succumb to the rising waters.

This one looked a little drunk. I asked Albert,”So if the pole falls down, is there electricity in the water?” Obviously I have no ideas about how these things work.

The weather forecast says tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of rain. This is wonderfully good news to be sun-loving, bike-riding husband.

Me? I’m just thankful we don’t live in Kansas!

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