Birthday tea with sis

Those of you who have read my sister Corrie’s blog will know that she is an excellent cook and also an excellent blogger of her food experiences.

I, on the other hand… let’s just say my style’s a little different.

Here’s an excellent example: today’s outing when she took me out to tea for my birthday.

We went to Davis Tea List, a place we had never gone to before. It was a very cute place.

Of course I had to try to get an artistic-ish shot. Except I’m not too crazy about my Tamron lens. It’s not as sharp as my Nikon, I’ve noticed. Corrie and I did comparison shots with her Canon lens and hers is definitely sharper.

Here’s Corrie, next to a nice blank wall. I almost feel like I need to put a title in that wall to make it a PowerPoint slide: “A Tale of Two Sisters at Tea in Davis,” or some such thing like that. Sorry. I’ve been making too many PowerPoint slides lately.

The tea pots were incredibly cute. Until I tried to pick it up and it slipped in my fingers and burned me. I did that twice before figuring out how to hold it without burning myself. I’m a slow learner.

Corrie got the dark (peach something tea) and I got the yellow one, a strawberry tea. Then I drank it and said, “Hmm… I can’t taste the strawberries.” Corrie said, “Oh, I can. Do you want to switch teas?”

I took her tea and drank the whole thing. At the end I realized she had ordered decaf but instead she drank my whole pot of caffeinated tea, thus negating her entire reason of ordering decaf tea in the first place. What a nice little sister… gave her tea to me instead.

But I thought it was delicious! Even my semi-dead taste buds could taste the apricotty peachy flavor.

It was only when we were about to leave that Corrie told me it was green tea with strawberry flavoring and I said, “What??? I thought it was strawberry tea! No wonder it didn’t taste like strawberry!”

One of us does not read menus very carefully.

Then the server brought out the food. Here’s where my sister and I differ. Her blog reads stuff like, “cranberry stuffed dilled cream cheese lox with a pistachio crust.” I’m lucky if I remember to write down “sandwich.”

While the server rattled off all the items, my sister memorized every item and then typed it into her phone later. Meanwhile, all I heard was “Blah blah pesto blah blah sandwiches blah blah blah cream.” I think pesto, sandwiches and cream were the only three words I heard her saying the entire time. Instead, I was noticing the colors, textures and presentation.

But what it actually was?

Who knows?

So, instead I took a picture.

And then I turned the plate around and took a picture of the other side. I’m sure I could figure out what all that food was later.

I tried homing in to get a closeup but it came out a little fuzzy.

Then I suddenly realized Corrie had carefully taken sandwiches and put them on a plate to take a picture. What a good idea! Being lazy, I just took a picture of her plate.

While she was happily munching away, I sat there, with total brain lockup on where to start eating.

Sweet? Savory? Scone? If so, which one?

My plate was pretty pathetic.

Finally I decided on a scone! But as I picked it up, it broke in two and fell over my plate. Crumbs everywhere. So much for presentation.

I don’t really recall what that scone was. But I did remember that lady said we could eat the cream. So I obliged. I’m sure Corrie’s blog will list everything in detail. Why duplicate the work?

While I was enjoying my little bites of scone, Corrie had moved on to her next nice picture on her plate. I picked up my camera and leaned across the table and took a picture.

And I sat there, now in phase two of brain lockup. So many choices, what to eat next?

Needless to say, I was a bit slow in eating. But when it came to dessert, Corrie said the yellow thing was the best, so I saved it for last. I heard someone call it a “napoleon.” Whatever it was, it was delicious.

In fact, the whole meal was wonderful. (The bread was a little dry but otherwise everything else was yummy.)  It’s so a great to enjoy such a wonderful meal even though you have no idea what you’re eating.

And Corrie and I had a great time chatting too! This is definitely a tradition we enjoy and will continue!

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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    While I was reading your description (also Corrie’s on Twitter yesterday), I immediately began to recall my 3-generation mother-daughter tea with Leslie & Marisa during my Christmas-New Year visit to Wayland, MA. We had that tea at a restaurant in Boston Public Library. So we got to enjoy more than the two of you did: besides tea and food, we later saw some of the baroque features of the building and some art display. It was a feast for the body, the eye as well as the soul.

    April 8, 2011 at 12:36 pm
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