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Forms of procrastination

A little over a week ago I was supposed to be doing some work but instead I found a socially acceptable form of procrastination.

Just about every time I walk out of the library I have more books than my arms can comfortably carry. This time was no exception.

And then it was time to escalate and do some socially commendable procrastination.

Hee hee! My cute little nephew! I mean look at him!

How can such a little thing cause his auntie to turn into goo?

Big brother, meanwhile, was intent in research with his dad trying to discover the name of the dinosaur he had been playing with. I don’t remember what it was called, but they found it.

When big brother wasn’t looking, little brother took the dinosaur and decided it would be a pretty good teething toy. However, his auntie took it away before he accidentally stabbed himself with the tail. The way he was teetering back and forth it looked a little dicey.

Meanwhile, big brother was engrossed with the iPad. But at least he took a break to give me a kiss and hug before I left!

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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    Cute babies are so easy to get your undivided attention that it’s not only a good excuse for procrastination but it also easily takes away all your trouble and all that you feel is love.

    April 18, 2011 at 1:26 pm
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