Steven’s 3rd birthday

Today we celebrated my nephew Steven’s birthday. I was designated as the person in charge of taking pictures of Steven, a job I took very seriously. Except, I first had to get pictures of the food. Cuz I always like to take pictures of the food.

My sister made a really cool punch. Not only was it delicious but it was a great photo op to see rubber water animals floating on what appeared to be glaciers of snow.

It was just way too cool. Pretty yummy too.

Steven asked for a chocolate peanut butter monkey cake so that’s what Corrie made!

She even made some really colorful garnishes for the punch cups. Later I was wondering who spilled red punch into all the cups, and where was the red punch from anyway? Then I realized it was the juice of the maraschino cherries.


The meal was potluck and it was quite yummy.

My mom came up from the Bay Area too!

Steven opened presents throughout his party.

He was helped by his cousin Ilana.

I thought this was kind of  an interesting view with the colored clothes of the adults making a bright backdrop for Steven.

It was kind of funny how Steven was more interested in the red envelope than the money inside it. He just tossed the money aside and kept playing with the envelope.

He totally loves stickers… even address labels.

Time for a break to go roll around on the ground.

Break over. Back to opening presents.

Then it was time to eat. So off he went to the kitchen, waiting for his food.

Waiting… waiting… while his auntie followed him around with her camera.

After lunch, it was time for a little recreation.

I was pretty impressed at how athletic he is even at 3 years of age! He swung like a pro. Love that expression!

Then it was Daddy’s turn. It appears Steven is a chip off the old block.

A three year old attention span is almost as short as mine. Steven decided to go for a ride.

But then he changed his mind and took up the catcher’s position. Look at that — hands up and ready for action!

Little Jarron wanted a turn. He was so cute! He knew exactly how to swing that bat. But he’s got a little ways to go in learning how to keep his eye on the ball.

Such a serious expression!

Meanwhile, Matthew got to play around too.

And his auntie got to take photos of him.

Steven continued with the gift opening, this time with his mommy.

Little brother sat there chomping on fingers and kicking his cute little feet.

More cards and presents!

Then, time for the cake. He blew out the candles all by himself. Later I was thinking, who in the world came up with the tradition of blowing out candles, thus passing on saliva and germs to everyone in the party? Good thing I wasn’t thinking that while I was eating the cake.

Time to cut up the cake and enjoy it!

Happy birthday, Steven!

A Yee

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  1. Glen Nielsen - April 17, 2011

    I think this post makes it public … you are now an official member of the paparazzi! Nice play-by-play & GREAT shots! Still trying to figure out what the glacier thing was … drink? dessert?

  2. Carmen Lin - April 17, 2011

    I think I paid quite a dear price for going to this b-day party, not concerning money, but because I almost could not get back home. I was so sleepy not long after I got on the freeway. (I lost quite a lot of sleep in the several previous nights.) Literally I had to fight off sleepiness all the way home. If somebody had been following in the back, he would probably think I must be drunk. I kept veering off, once 3 ft into the right lane: good that there was no car to my right. I really cried out to the Lord to help me. He did not answer by removing my sleepiness but kept me safe all the way until I was home.
    Taking all that I saw at the party and the fact that I got to hold Matthew for so long and that Steven was willing to kiss me, this trip to Davis was still worthwhile.

  3. Carmen Lin - April 18, 2011

    At the b-day party I ate a piece of the (chocolate) b-day cake & a piece of the choc cheese cake, thinking it would be digested by the time I was ready for bed. Wrong calculation! I could not fall asleep even when I was so tired. I stayed awake until almost 5 AM! Yesterday I read somewhere it says caffeine stays in the body up to 12 hrs. This probably will be the last time I’d eat any choc cake after 10 AM!

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