Kitchen counter redo

Two weeks ago we had our first remodeling project ever. Since we’re planning on staying around a while, we decided to work on our home a bit, so we tackled the second-most used room in the house — the kitchen. (Our family room/command central/office is the first most-used room but it’s actually attached to the kitchen, so I guess the kitchen could also count as the first-most-used room.)

Here’s how it looked before:

I forgot to take a picture before we took out all the drawers. Ah well, you get the idea.

Our dishwasher went out so we replaced it in black as our plan is eventually to have all our appliances in black. It just so turned out that a few weeks ago when Albert and I went granite hunting, we happened to like a black piece of granite best. Click here to read the post about our hunting expedition.

The counter people came in and demolished our old counter.

They replaced it with a plywood top.

It only took them a morning to do all of that so by afternoon our kitchen looked like this. We went over a week without a kitchen sink. Ate a lot of processed foods and tried to wash things in our itty bitty bathroom sink (and sometimes the bathtub).

Meanwhile, the counter people cut our granite, and finally they came back. First they cut a hole to put the sink in.

Then they started putting the slabs of granite in.

Wow! Sure looks nice! (Um, I mean the counter, not the wall.)

But then, oh no! I realized they didn’t do the edging we wanted. It was a square cut. We wanted a rounded cut. So they took everything off and went back to the shop, and we want back to eating processed food for another day.

The next day, they came back with a nicely rounded edge. They also put up the backsplash.

Finished kitchen!

Well, almost. Albert had to put in the faucet and plumbing.

NOW a finished kitchen! Hooray! One of these days we’ll replace the stove and microwave, neither of which works particularly well.

We really like our counter because it has blue flecks in it. One of my friends came over and said, “Your counter is like the jewelry you make! All glittery and pretty!”

Hmm… she does have a point.

We love our new kitchen and are thankful for such a blessing!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Carmen Lin - April 24, 2011

    I went through the same process with my kitchen a few years back when you were still in Union City. So I understand the pain & joy involved. Your granite counter looks beautiful! Now, next time when I go visit you, I’ll have a nicer kitchen counter to work on!

  2. Leslie - June 23, 2011

    Um, this is like really weird, but we have the EXACT SAME KITCHEN FAUCET. I picked mine out a year or two ago when our original faucet busted. Also, this is another weird thing, but your granite is the one that I have been wanting for my kitchen. Back when we built out house, I kept going back to look at the blue-flecked granite but it was way too expensive. So I had to settle for chestnut-colored flakes (still looks nice though). Is this like a long-lost-twins-get-together-and-discover-parallel-lives story? Oh yeah, forgot, we are long lost twins. Ha ha!

  3. A Yee

    A Yee - June 23, 2011

    Whoa, that’s weird!!! LOLOLOLOL!

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