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Davis causeway flood update

Back on March 26th I wrote a blog about how the Davis causeway was under water. (The causeway is the highway that links Sacramento and Davis.)

Here’s how it looked back then:

A few weeks later, on April 6, the water was definitely starting to go down.

I even managed to take a picture of the same group of trees as above in the first picture! Obviously this is where the water was still deep as it appeared it was just as flooded as before.

On Sunday April 24, we passed by again. I got those same trees!

What a difference!

I wonder if this is how Noah felt when he was waiting for the waters to recede from the flood…

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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    Good point trying to figure out how Noah felt while waiting for flood waters to recede.

    April 27, 2011 at 5:29 pm
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