Godspell musical

Last night our family went to watch Megan perform in her school musical, Godspell. It was the first time she has been in a musical since she was like 6 years old (back at our church) β€” actually the only time she has been in a school performance! It was a blast!

I took lots of pictures and asked Megan to describe them because I don’t remember which scenes go with which pictures. Of course, being her mom you’ll notice some of these pictures are a bit Megan-centric, but I figure that’s allowable because she is my daughter. Megan just happens to have a shutter-happy mother, that’s all.

So here’s Megan!


This was at the very first song of the musical; most of us were in street clothes and had been sitting in the audience or in the aisles before so that there was a miniature surprise factor.

Brian Stewart, person who played Judas/John the Baptist, then had a little monologue.

Up comes Tony, a.k.a Jesus. πŸ™‚

He started to sing a song, “God Save the People” where we came out on set in our costume dress. (We dressed really quickly, boys on stage right side, girls on stage left.)

Still in the song.

And now we’re on the second parable about the Pharisee and the tax gatherer. Aina and Destina (the standing girls) were both soo hilarious.

Cast members toss up Conner via blanket!

“He who SNEERS at his brother…”

Another parable! This is the story about a master and a servant; the servant has a debt that runs into the millions, but the master has mercy on him and waits patiently until he can pay the debt in full.

…Until THAT servant runs into ANOTHER servant who owes him a few dollars. Unfortunately, the first servant isn’t as merciful and tosses the other one into jail.

The master isn’t too happy about that, so (s)he condemns the servant to torture.

People are watchin’ and chillin’.

Yay! Another song! “Day by Day.” Basically just a couple lines that repeat over and over and over and over again; but Mina sang it really, really well.

Standing and clapping. Yay!

Onto the parable of the Good Samaritan. Here, the narrator has just said “The Samaritan stumbled upon the man and was moved to pity.” James, the Samaritan, drops to his knees and says, “I am moved to pity!”

This is the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Mandy (the rich man on the throne of humans) is enjoying life, being fanned and fed. At her gate lies the poor man, Conner, who has no food; even the dogs would come to lick his open wounds.

Well, Conner died, and was carried off to heaven by the angels. (Note the little butterfly wings on the angel’s back. That’s the director’s daughter’s wings.)

Conner’s being pampered whilst Mandy, newly deceased, has been buried in Hades, and is being tortured. Mandy asks Father Abraham to send Conner to her household, where she has five brothers. Abraham refuses.

ACK. ME. NOOO. I say something about rich people and stuff like that.

Keir being a womanizer.

This is during the song “O Bless the Lord.” This was a very fun song. πŸ™‚

Left: Eugenea, my bosom friend. Middle: Helen, dance choreographer. Right: Destina in her awesome duct-tape and caution-tape costume.

On the very right: Eliza, who carries a tambourine throughout the whole play. Except for this song.

Snapping and having a good time.

Far left: Wyatt, a.k.a. angel with little pink butterfly wings. Middle left: John, person with the best one-liners in the musical. Middle right: Brian with an awesome aviation hat. Far right: Matt with his fedora and atrociously bright music shirt and ghastly red-and-yellow polka dot pants.

Meee. I have the 2nd verse of this song.

Tada. [Note from Angela: I liked the lights on top. Colors. Pretty colors.]

I had a high note. I hit it. Yay.

Awwww, huuuuuuuuug!

These are seeds that fell on the rocks but withered from lack of moisture.

Camila (left) is supposed to be someone who has stage fright. I strangle her ’cause I’m a weed and she’s a seed. :3 [Another note from Angela. I love the expressions! Albert captioned this photo: “I just swallowed what?” “I told you to keep your mouth closed!”

This is during the parable of the prodigal son. Camila is said prodigal son. She spends her money with men…

gambling, and drinking. But after a famine hits the land she comes to her senses and go back home.

This is where the festivities begin. Ta~da!

2nd act opens with Camila walking from the back of the room to the stage singing a really cool song. [Angela: I was going for an artistic silhouette shot but couldn’t get my camera to adjust fast enough. This was the best I could do.]

Sitting on the stage.

Anthony comes in at the middle of the song. (He plays Jesus. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned that before. Embarrassing.)

This is probably my favorite song: We Beseech Thee. It’s sort of a country song, so we took all the dances we learned from the PE dance unit earlier in the year and used them during the song. Line dancing, Wild Wild West, Cotton-Eyed Joe… all of those.

Jesus’s crucification. Everyone had to scream and yell, but after the first show Mr. Bryant told us not to high-pitched scream because we might ruin our voices. The result became infinitely less dramatic… but I guess it still worked.

We’re carrying Anthony off stage to the back of the room.

Cast call! There’s Mr. Bryant, the director!

Everyone starts hugging because it’s the last show and obviously can’t be complete without overemotional hugs.


Angela: My mom and sister Corrie came to watch too! It was very fun. I actually wanted to go earlier in the week to rehearsal to take pictures but had scheduling conflicts. So I’m glad I was able to sit up pretty close and take pictures. I had to dodge the video camera and the head of the person in front me but all in all I think the shots turned out ok considering I didn’t move from my seat!

Anyway, it was very enjoyable and the kids did an outstanding job. Hats off to Mr. Bryant and his crew!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design β€” angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Carmen Lin - May 8, 2011

    (To Megan) you did introduce at the beginning Anthony as Jesus. Nothing to be embarrassed about.
    Considering this was a Junior High production, I think one can say the show is just as good as a Hollywood production! All the kids are so talented! Megan’s high note was quite impressive.

  2. Glen Nielsen - May 9, 2011

    Love the image-rich post & the play-by-play mixed with color commentary! Made me feel like I was there … Megan-centric photos? Uhhh … not really … great mix of the entire cast. How many performances did they do?

    So piano, violin, guitar … now singing & dancing? Is this the start of a new career for the Meganator??? Well done! Standing O …

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