Food lab: cheesecake

Daniel’s favorite class this year has been Food Science. He likes it because he gets to learn about food and makes all sorts of yummy foods.

We like it too. We get to eat some of his creations.

On May 20, Daniel had to do a “lab,” i.e., cook a recipe, because he missed class due to illness. He made cheesecake.

First, he pounded graham crackers into crumbs.

Then he mixed them with something or another and pressed them into the bottom of the pan.

The Kitchen Aid mixer is so useful for making smooth, creamy filling.

Finished, baked cheesecake!

Then he mixed sour cream and sugar. Maybe lemon juice? Not sure. This was spread on top of the cheesecake, and back into the oven it went.

The finished product. Too bad his mother had a  hard time getting the whole thing in focus due to the lack of light in our kitchen.

The cheesecake was utterly delicious. Smooth, creamy, not too sweet. It was gone just like that.

And I even had pictures to prove he did his homework assignment.

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  1. Carmen Lin - June 6, 2011

    Daniel, you made Ahma’s mouth watering reading this blog. Will you make it for me when I’m in Davis next time? My grandson is going to be a great cook, I’m sure.

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