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In the past 5 years, I haven’t had much opportunity to develop musical skills due to being on staff overseeing other areas besides worship ministry. I really love to grow and learn, so the last few months felt like I needed to be a little more intentionally in growing musically.

Enter, my Moleskine music notebook!

I started going through our musical library and taking notes on music theory and chord substitutions. Moleskine makes a very nice music notebook with that is perfect for keeping track of things I’m learning. One side has lined paper and the other has blank paper for notes.

I also went through some very old music that I was scanning (so I can clear off my shelves). In the meantime, I cut out chords and cadences that I liked so I could keep track of musical ideas for improvisation.

Now if I could only transpose a Db9Maj6 chord (last line of the middle picture above) to the key of G on the fly…

Oh well. At least the notebook is cool.

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  1. Corrie - June 6, 2011

    At Borders, I saw some Moleskine and other brand journals that are all about making new habits, setting goals, etc. Such a good idea for people who are at a loss when it comes to goal-setting!

    Not really related to your post in terms of music but your Moleskine notebook made me think of it.

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