Conversation at Costco

Last week our family went to Costco. Albert had an idea for us to buy pizzas. I said okay, and here is what happened.

Albert: Look, here are the pizzas!

Daniel and Megan: Pizza! Yum!

Albert: What kind should we get?

Angela: What kind do they have?

Albert: All meat and all veggie.

Angela: Well, the all meat is too salty and high in fat.

Albert: The kids won’t like veggie.

Daniel and Megan: Meat! Meat!

Albert: Let’s get the meat pizza.

Angela: It’s too salty and high in fat.

Albert: Yeah, that’s true…

(Albert and Angela walk away. Daniel and Megan slump after them.)

Daniel: What?! No pizza?

Megan: I think I like it better when we go shopping with only Daddy.


Megan: Isn’t there a study somewhere that says that men who get married live longer?

Angela: Yes.

Megan: I can see why.


A Yee

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