Florida Day 2: Epcot

This morning we got up early and went to Epcot. I was glad we got there early. We went on a bunch of rides with no lines! It was nice to go early.

We enjoyed the rides but I didn’t take many pictures. I think my favorite ride was Mission: Space, which was a flight simulator to Mars. Daniel commented it was amusing because each person was assigned a crew member position, and Albert was assigned to be the engineer and I was assigned to be the commander.

One ride we enjoyed was Living with the Land. I liked the big court in the building that led to the ride.

I like boat rides. So did the kids.

There were many creative ways of raising plants.

So interesting!

We also went around the countries. Canada had beautiful flowers.

Very picturesque!

We ate lunch at a yummy steakhouse, starting with some stacked tomatoes.

I really loved looking at all the architecture from the different countries.

We also got to enjoy a Taiko drum show.

It is surprising the things that one likes at Epcot. One of my favorite shows was at Morocco, a band called Mo’Rockin, which was Arabic fusion rock. Albert and I were like, what in the world is that? But we totally loved it. These guys were good. The guy with the 6 string bass played it like he could do it in his sleep. The guy on the left had some kind of electronic drumkit/percussion instrument. It was totally fascinating and loved the fusion of music.

In between all that, we went back for a nap in the afternoon, which was really helpful. We left in the evening just in time before it started raining.

I am very glad to be feeling back to health and able to eat again and not feel sick while being on rides. It was a very nice day with our family. Daniel discovered he liked educational rides and Megan liked the thrill rides. Unfortunately none of the rest of us really liked thrill rides so Megan had to go by herself. But she had a blast anyway.

(I was too lazy and too ill to pack and lug around my big SLR camera, but I’m pretty impressed my small point and shoot took pretty good pictures!)

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Carmen Lin - June 19, 2011

    Hi Angela,
    Tonight I had to speak at a fellowship meeting and by the time I came back it was already very late. It is actually 1:20 AM on Sunday, 6/19/11. But I want to leave a comment. So I’m staying up.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your day and you took good pictures. I’ve never been to Epcot, and it is good to see these beautiful pictures with your family in them. I’m especially glad to know that you are not feeling sick but enjoying your time. God certainly has answered my prayer, because in the morning I pleaded with the Lord for your health. Praise the Lord!

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