Florida Day 3: Disney’s Hollywood Studios — Spoilers!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We had a fun time!

Warning: there are some spoilers here so if you are into surprises and are planning on going to Hollywood Studios in Orlando, don’t read this post!

We first went to Star Tours. It was great fun! Albert told me that we went on that ride before (probably on our honeymoon 19 years ago), but I don’t really recall it. Not that that’s a big surprise.

We also went on Toy Story Mania. I had heard it was a great ride and the wait was 60 minutes but we decided to go for it because our entire trip we barely have had to wait in any lines.

But Disney does such a great job of creating an experience for you before you even get on the ride that it went by really quickly. (And in the end it was only 30 minutes.) In this case, they made a really cool toy environment (which also hid all the twists and turns of the line, I might add!)

It was like stepping back into time… all these toys I used to play with! Our kids didn’t know half of what this stuff was for but Albert and I used to play with this stuff.

Even the ceiling was decorated!

Since I’m a decor person, I totally loved how everything looked.

Oh yeah, and the ride was pretty fun too. 🙂

We also enjoyed the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. I think Albert and I saw this before too but I remembered like only two things.

So cool how the wall opened up to reveal an entire set behind the original one!

The Lights, Motors, Action show was incredible. Amazing precision driving and car stunts.

Even fire and explosions! It was awesome.

We also enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast musical. Megan and I had actually seen the Broadway production many years ago, but Albert and Daniel had never seen it. It was a very quality show.

After that the rest of the family felt tired so they went back to the hotel. I had dozed off in my chair right before the musical and for the first time in ages actually felt energetic and well. So I stayed on and got to see some things the rest of the family wasn’t interested in. Like the high energy dancers. They were so amazing, dancing out in the 98 degree weather with so much energy. I love watching dancing and these people were great!

But I must say, I’m glad I don’t have their job.

I also took the backlot tour, which showed special effects. At one point, 70,000 gallons of water came gushing out. It felt like we were under the Niagara Falls. I vaguely recalled experiencing something like this before and Albert confirmed, yes, we had done this before. It was like deja vu to me, though.

After I was done, I went home and we went out for dinner. The kids had never eaten at Red Lobster, so Albert and I really had to introduce them to the awesome cheddar garlic biscuits. Our kids loved them and Megan was instantly addicted!

We also did other things at Hollywood Studios. I’m glad we had a change of plans and instead of doing Epcot two days, we went for one day and then went to Hollywood Studios. Though it was a very hot day, it was a good decision to change our plans and very fun!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - June 21, 2011

    It sure sounds fun, but I would not want to go out under 98 degree sun to have fun. I would rather stay home.

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