Florida Day 4: Monorail tour

Our family was very tired so we decided to take a day off from visiting amusement parks. Yes, we are kind of a low-key family and just like hanging out!

We got to sleep in, which was wonderful. We are also Asian and into being cheap so we decided to do something fun and free — ride the monorail!

The monorail is kind of cool how they set it up so it’s like you have half of a private car.

Funny how our kids’ personalities are so opposite!

They sat on one side and Albert and I sat on the other side.

First we took the wrong monorail and went to Epcot. But at least we got a high up view of the park!

Then we went to the resort monorail so we could stop off and look at the hotels. The first one was the Polynesian Resort. Here’s how the lobby looked.

Wow. Gorgeous.

The next resort was the Grand Floridian. Wow, it was grand — even from the outside. I can’t believe I took this picture from my point and shoot camera from inside the moving monorail!

The view once we walked in was amazing as well.

Even the ceiling was beautiful!

This was the floor of the hallway.

Even the shops were so nice. It felt like a really upscale mall!

And then there was a … a … um … giant birdhouse? Not exactly sure what it was but it sure was lovely.

Even the bathrooms were impressive. I don’t normally go around taking pictures of bathrooms but this one was sure fancy.

Then we stopped by one place where they were serving tea! (Love the menu!)

We decided spur of a moment to have tea because the kids had never had English tea before.

The china set was the nicest I have ever used!

Daniel was amazed at the square sugar cubes. He had never seen them before. He was somewhat dubious as to if these things were real because they were so square.

The food was good but not great — I’ve had better teas. But the tea was delicious and also the ambience. And of course, the company.

Megan picked a dessert different than the rest of us. It’s to be expected that someone who eats frozen strawberries from the bag and whipped cream from the can would be so happy to have this dessert.

And afterwards we even got a family photo!

We tried to depart the hotel, but as has been the case this whole trip, Megan was suddenly distracted by pretty dresses. It was so much like a moth flitting towards light. Or a paper clip in the clutches of a powerful magnet. Suuuuuck! Megan suddenly vanishes, to reappear by the pretty dresses.

The next hotel was the Contemporary Resort. We didn’t really like this one. I’m sure it was impressive when it was built, but it looked a bit dated to me. One thing that was interesting was that the monorail (left) passed through the lobby (right).

At the end, Daniel expressed his desire to go back for a rest. So it was time to go home!

It was a wonderful afternoon. I felt very happy being with our family and we had a very enjoyable time together!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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