Albert’s career change

Today Albert announced his resignation at his company where he is working 30 hours as an engineer. He is making a career change!

Starting in August, he will be working full time as an associate professor at William Jessup University. He will be teaching math and physics and helping them start up a math and science department.

Albert is very excited about this opportunity and so am I. It’s a great fit for him, it’s a wonderful place to work, and he gets to be stretched and grown and be creative in many ways.

He has already been thinking of all sorts of fun physics labs. Recently, he started playing the game Angry Birds.

The game has you shoot angry birds at some pigs and try to knock down their buildings. If you miss, the pigs laugh at you.

He loves that game. I don’t really get it. But not only does he love to play the game, he loves to try to figure out how to shoot the birds with one shot so he can get the full point total.

Albert got all excited at the idea of teaching the students Angry Bird physics. He went and got some stuffed birds and pigs that they will use to learn about parabolic trajectories and building catapults to launch the birds at the pigs.

He is also collecting plastic 2-liter bottles and assorted odds and ends for the many experiments they will be doing.

Man, his class is going to be so much fun! Even our kids want to take his class.

We are very thankful that God has opened up this door! Albert is wrapping up his current job and will be finishing up on July 11th as his last day.

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  1. Carmen Lin - June 25, 2011

    It sounds Albert’s physics class is going to be full of fun. I wish he were my physics teacher when I was in high school. Our teacher was so boring that I did not learn anything and to this day my brain retained nothing. It was my least favorite class in high school, even worse than art.

  2. Steven - July 18, 2011

    I may want to come and audit the class. 😉

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