Packing and church visiting

My mom’s house has been on the market for a long time. Recently it quickly sold and she only had about one week’s notice the house was going to close. So this past weekend my sister Corrie and her family and our family went down to the Bay Area to help my mom pack.

The kids stayed with my in-laws so they could play with their cousin who was visiting from Denver. Albert and I drove over to my mom’s and in 4 hours we packed 24 boxes. Corrie packed a few of them but most of the time had to keep an eye on the kids. Little munchkin was into everything and chomping on everything he could get his hands on. He was especially enthralled by the recycling bin. So terribly cute! His brother was also very cute and chatty (he’s way in the background of this picture).

Steve did an amazing job on the garage while Albert and I were packing machines. By the end of the four hours, this is what we had. There were originally maybe 4 or 5 boxes in this pile.

We stayed the night (my mom’s sofa was really comfy and I was able to sleep), got up and went to visit our friends church, Resonate Church. Our friends planted this church a year ago. If we were still at Bridges Community Church (where I used to work), likely we would have been part of the church plant! So we have wanted to visit for a long time and it was great to have the opportunity to do so. It was amazing!

In one year the church has grown to 300 people and two services. I was really impressed (being a logistics and techy person) with the setup — 3 rear projection screens, a truss and lighting, running dual copies of ProPresenter (on Macs) and Vista on a PC. Lighting was ellipsoidals and I think LEDs (didn’t get a chance to look carefully). They get there at 6 am every Sunday to set up — they meet at an elementary school.

But the tech stuff is just the gravy. The service was totally God-honoring, Christ-centered worship and preaching. I loved all of it. The people were super friendly…we were greeted multiple times just walking from our car to the front door! They really have an amazing missional-minded culture and mindset.

It was so awesome seeing old friends too — many friends became part of the core team. I didn’t realize that it’s probably been like 5 years since we have seen some of them! We got so many hugs and it was sooooooo wonderful to see them all again! It was so mind-blowing how big the kids have gotten — we didn’t even recognize some because they have grown so much.

After that we went back and finished packing up the rest of my mom’s house. There were boxes all over the house. We hit the master bedroom, master bath, secondary bath, laundry room, pantry, hall closet, and kitchen this weekend — now my mom is in a good place when she moves out on Tuesday!

After that we went and had lunch with our friends Ryan and Jenni and hung out eating Vietnamese yummy noodles — we haven’t seen them in like a year! It was so great to catch up and hear what God has been doing in their lives.

After that, to Los Altos to pick up the kids and then back home. Our family is traveled out. I’ve been sleeping every available moment — on the drive to Los Altos, at their house, and on the drive back to Davis. The kids said, “We don’t want to go anywhere again for two months!”

Sure was good to help my mom and see old friends. Now it’s great to be home!

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  1. Carmen Lin - July 5, 2011

    Now that the move was over (although the unpacking has been barely underway), I do want to leave some comment. It was hectic and very tiring. I would not have been able to make it in time w/out all of your help. Very thankful that you & Albert, Steve & Corrie, together with all the friends Steve brought, all helped in such a big way.
    I just added up all the costs, and it was a few hundred dollars less than the lowest professional estimate. Thank you everyone who helped make this possible.

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