Food, fireworks, and physical health

Albert made a deal with the kids: if they cook dinner, we do dishes. This sounded like a good deal to Daniel.

So tonight he cooked dinner for us!

Daniel took a Food Science class at school this year — it was his favorite class! He loves cooking. (He loved to play with plastic food when he was little and would sit in pots and put colanders on his head.) I pick out the recipe and buy the ingredients and he cooks the dinner. Then Megan unloads the dishes and Albert and I wash up. (Megan never played with toy food when she was little, and to this day has no desire to cook.)

Daniel cooked Mushroom Bolognese. It was soooo yummy. Rigatoni, Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce, onion, mushrooms and yellow squash.

My iPhone closeup distorted the pasta a bit so it looks like it is cannon-sized. Sure takes good pictures though!

This morning I watched a video workshop on how to take pictures of fireworks. It was totally interesting. I have so much to learn when it comes to photography. One thing I did learn is that the iPhone camera is f 2.8. No wonder it can get such good pictures in low light.

The other thing I did today was go to the doctor. As a result of taking some medication, since last month my blood pressure has gone up 20 points and I have lost another 2 pounds. But since I had low blood pressure before anyway, this is no cause for alarm. She sees no need to increase my medication quite yet, which is nice, as it made me nauseous. She also was encouraged to see a little improvement in healing.

However, the doctor said I need to exercise more, so tonight Albert and I went on a walk in the evening. We walked over to my mom’s house. It is so nice she is so closeby now! We don’t even have to walk along any major streets, thanks to the parks and bike paths. It’s a very scenic walk and we worked up a sweat. Plus we got to say hi to my mom. So thankful God has brought her to Davis finally!

It was nice to get out. Lately I have been lethargic and sluggish and it’s hard to get stuff done. But today I had external motivations and it was very helpful. Hopefully the relapse I have felt this past week was due to traveling and moving stress. As the schedule calms my body should be able to recover better.  The one hour nap on the sofa helped too!

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