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2 churches

During my leave of absence, I have been visiting different churches. Today Albert went with me — which was really nice! He had no responsibilities at UCC this morning.

We went to visit Capital Christian Center.

Love the stage design! During the service they lit the 3 different fabric strips red, white and blue. It was a very patriotic service.

Meanwhile, back at UCC, Daniel was helping out in the tech booth. Peter (tech director) sent me a text message that said, “We work so hard in the booth?” and a picture of my son.

Poor Daniel was exhausted because he had insomnia and couldn’t sleep until 4:30 am. Then he got up to do tech at the 8 am service. Peter was helpful and made a sign for Daniel, which is above his head.

All the behind the scenes fun I’m missing…

However, tonight at dinner Megan said, “It’s so nice having Mommy home all day. I’ve forgotten how much I missed having her around!”

Awww…. It definitely was an adjustment giving up homeschooling, and I am thoroughly enjoying being home with the kids this summer!

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