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Happy stickers

Today our family went to Woodland because Megan had violin lessons. Albert dropped me off at Michael’s while he and Daniel went to Costco. I got some stickers.

It’s been years since I have gotten stickers — and never for myself. They were for my kids.

So why have I regressed to childhood?

One of the things I am doing this summer is journaling. I have a Moleskine notebook and I have been using our old stickers to spice up the text. I found some new ones to use today.

First, a bunch of letter stickers on clearance. Letters are always helpful for titles and such.

Then a value pack of happy colorful stickers.

But here is what made me very excited. Journal stickers!

These are stickers you can stick in your journal and write on. So fun!

The pile even has different colors with the same design!

I’m soooo excited. Especially since I got everything on clearance or sale!

My husband is an engineer. He likes to type out things in Times New Roman in black and white. But as a designer, my journal needs to be colorful and fun. I am looking forward to using these!

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  • Reply Albert

    Times New Roman is so 2005. I’m much more hip than that– I use Arial!

    July 6, 2011 at 11:34 pm
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