Quirky relaxation

As I have been exploring different ways to relax, one of the most therapeutic ways I have discovered is jigsaw puzzles. Go figure.

The 1000 piece puzzles are a good challenge, but recently I got some 500 piece ones. They were just too easy.

So of course, my personality took over.

I decided to do the puzzle without the box picture. I don’t like it when things are too easy. It’s gotta be a challenge!

But what do you know, the puzzle I picked only had a few pieces that were different colors.

The rest were all the same. Grey-purplish, green-red, and blue sky.

Since I had no idea what the picture looked like, I didn’t even know if I was doing it upside down or not. But in the end, it all worked out.

The other part about relaxing is I love to learn. Today I listened to a workshop by Dale Tattersall on how to make high def videos with digital SLR cameras. Parts of it were highly technical. I actually typed out some of what they were saying.

  • “The blue channel is the weakest channel, where you’re most prone to get banding. It’s why on a lot of digital cameras they recommend shooting green screen as opposed to blue screen because it’s more responsive to green. If you run into banding, apply film grade.”
  • Regarding ISO: “The [Canon] 1D you can actually push it to about 3200 because it’s got multiple processors in it. The way it reads information it reads 3 times as fast as the 5D so it can get the information straight off the chip so it doesn’t sit there.”
  • “The 1D Mark 2, you get a full 720 signal out of it. When you’re trying to focus on a Marshall monitor on a standard F connector, you can’t really tell if it’s focusing. The full 720 signal makes it so much sharper. The disadvantage is the sensor is 30% smaller which means you get a 1:3 crop factor.”

…Or something like that.

Daniel came over to listen and said, “What are they talking about? I guess this is what it must be like for you when Daddy and I talk about video games.”

I guess I have strange ways of relaxing…

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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