Mango, wonderful mango

Daniel loves mangoes.

It is our daily habit to walk in the evening to visit his grandma. Tonight when we went to visit, Daniel was rewarded.

Ah-ma had a mango for him!

Daniel said to her, “As soon as we get home, this thing will be gone.”

As we walked home, we walked through the park. The lawn sprinklers went on.

Daniel said, “I can wash My Precious now and eat it!”

Once we got home, there was a lot of slurping and munching going on.

Daniel said, “Now I have a stomach ache but it was so worth it. I don’t know how Ah-ma does it (picks such delicious mangoes). She’s magical.”

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - July 13, 2011

    What’s so magical is really nothing magic; it is skill. The mango was far from “magical” when I bought it. I had to wrap it and put it in rice to make it ripen. Daniel is blessed with a Ahma who remembers his love for mangoes!

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