Family personalities

It is so interesting how our family has such different personalities and interests.

For example, heard tonight:

Albert, the Engineer: Look, Sweetie! I made a spreadsheet to calculate bike gear ratios using the chain ring teeth and the crank length to figure out that the gear of my Brompton bike at first gear is equivalent to fourth gear on my other bike. The crank length of my main bike is at 170mm but I’m thinking that over time I’m going to have to switch to 165 or 150 mm.

Angela: Yes, dear.


Angela the Designer: (to Albert) I’m thinking about getting a journaling Bible but I really would prefer one column layout as opposed to two column layout, and the margins have lines but I actually would really prefer no lines, even though the lines are very light. And also the Bible is 7.5 point font so I’m wondering if that is too small. And then do I get leather or bonded leather?  The leather one looks really cool because they made the spine with ribbing like old style books but the bonded leather one is cheaper.

Albert: Yes, dear.

(Okay, Albert didn’t really say that but I’m sure he was thinking it. :-))


Daniel the Comedian Chef: (cooking dinner and adding brandy to the stew) Whoa, brandy has 40-60% alcohol! Who drinks this stuff! I think we should use brandy as mosquito repellent. If mosquitos stay away from this stuff, they would be more intelligent than human beings.

(Later) Crushed peppercorns. Hmmm…. crushed peppercorns. Well it looks like we have whole peppercorns. What do I do?

Angela: Why don’t you take the whole peppercorns and crush them?

Daniel: (mouth falls open) Mom, you’re a genius!


Megan, the Musician: (sings while she does dishes)

A Yee

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  1. Albert - July 22, 2011

    I’m hurt! I was NOT thinking “Yes, dear.”

    … I was thinking, “blah blah blah BIble blah blah leather blah blah…”

  2. Steven - July 22, 2011

    I would hear “blah blah blah blah” from the both of you. Until you hit a few keywords I would relate to. Squirrel!

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