Sisters’ birthday tea

Yesterday Corrie and I continued our annual tradition of us taking each other out to tea, just the two of us, no kids and no spouses. We rarely get to do that and it was a fun time to enjoy good food and do a lot of laughing. This time I took Corrie out for her birthday, which was just the day before.

This time we tried out Linde Lane in Dixon. It was a winner!

The place got mixed reviews so we weren’t sure what to expect, but both Corrie and I really enjoyed the food.

First we started with a shortbread cookie and honeydew sorbet starter. Oops, my picture isn’t in focus. I was holding it too close. Not used to these point and shoot cameras. 🙂

Then a basic salad — nothing special there. The croutons were pretty yummy though. They were seasoned with something.

The savory food was totally delicious: turkey cranberry sandwich (front), cucumber dill muffin (left), tortilla roll-up with … um … some yummy orange and pink sauce and some meat (can’t remember what it was called but it was my favorite out of all of them!), and a bacon cheese quiche.

The scone was soooooo good. Very buttery and freshly baked and ultra delicious. It came with a strawberry creamy jammy sauce with some softish buttery creamy type of cream. It’s really a good thing I’m not a waitress at a restaurant who has to recite specials of the day for people. I’d never remember them.

By this time I was already full. But there were desserts! First I ate the buttery jam cookie on the right. Next I ate the shortbread cookie on the left.

The shortbread cookie had a green topping. I said to Corrie, “That’s odd. Why did they tint the stuff on top green when it tastes like lemon?”

Corrie didn’t bat an eye and said, “Well, it’s green because it’s key lime.”

Silence. “Oh. Well, that would explain it.”

It’s like the movie Ratatouille, where the main character rat would eat something and say it tastes like mushroom with a hint of ginger, dash of curry, some basil and saffron too.

And his brother eats it and goes, duh… tastes like food.

That’s me. I’m like his brother.

Anyway, the center dessert was a lemon muffin. All quite delicious but a but too much sugar at once. Corrie and I really liked it — Corrie said she thinks it’s the best one we’ve been to!

We also both got teas. The teapots had cute little tags. (I thought it looked like a fire hydrant, though.)

They actually looked very similar in color. (Corrie’s was on top, the Passion Berry Fruit tea.)

In the end I liked her because mine was too strong with a sour taste. So I ended up getting the same kind of tea as her.

I also like the very cute sugar pot.

So that’s the food. Since I have blogged about teas a number of time, I didn’t feel like I had to go into much detail about the food. But here’s something that’s been a bit different from the other locations we have been to — very cool and funky decor!

When you walk in, you see a sheer curtain, and a giant teacup behind it. There are people sitting in it.

You can see the other side of the teacup in this picture below. There are also cool circular blue hanging decorations. I guess there’s an ocean theme going.

Notice the ocean decorations on top of the cute little tea booth.

You can even try on hats. There are lots to choose from.

The decor is super cool.

Including the purple chandelier. Where does one get a purple chandelier?

Corrie said, “Ebay.”

Here’s my sis! Happy birthday, Corrie!

We had a great time. I think we’ll be back to this place again!

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