Nephew visit

This summer I’ve been laying low, doing lots of resting. But last week we had our first guest over for dinner — my sister Corrie! Her husband was out of town so she and her two sons came over.

Since Corrie’s house is one story, baby Matthew found the stairs fascinating.

There was a milestone that evening — he went backwards down the stairs by himself for the first time!

He also discovered the boingy thing on the bottom of the door and kept playing with it until all the adults went batty. No more boingy thing. Poor baby Matthew.

Matthew is crusing ’round the furniture now. His older brother Steven was quite engrossed with the iPhone. Alas, we had no age-appropriate toys for him to play with.

I was able to get a baby fix… though it won’t last long. This kid is just growing too quickly! But meanwhile, Auntie is taking advantage by smothering him with lots of kisses!

A Yee

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