19th anniversary dinner

Today is Albert and my 19th anniversary!  The years have flown by so quickly… can’t believe it’s 19 years already!

It was a pretty low key day. I woke up feeling very stressed. Part of it was due to only getting about 3 hours of quality sleep last night. The rest of the time I just tossed and turned. My medication is really messing with my sleep. Some days I need to take 2 naps!

Albert and I were going to go see a movie but I wasn’t feeling well so we stayed home and I took a nap. That helped immensely.

Then we headed out for our anniversary dinner. Usually we go away for the weekend but seeing as Albert has had 3 weeks between jobs, we’ve had a wonderful time together as a couple and as a family and didn’t feel a need for it. Not to mention the disability insurance STILL hasn’t gone through… over two months tied up in paperwork. 🙁

So since we didn’t go away, we decided it was ok to have a fancy dinner for our anniversary. It was a splurge but it was well worth it!

We went to Ambience Restaurant in Carmichael. It was a bit odd… no cars in the parking lot right in front! The whole time we were there only us and another table were in the whole restaurant! It was so odd… the place has won a ton of awards and the food is fantastic, but I guess it was just a slow night.

The inside was very simple but dim and nice.

We both got the prix fixe menu but different items. It ended up being like a 6 course meal!!

I tried to take pictures but the light was super dim in there. I’m amazed these turned out at all! Not the best but gives you an idea of what the menu was.

First, the appetizer. It was fig with goat cheese and yummy sauce. I asked Albert, “What’s the crunchy stuff?” Then I realized it was probably the seeds in the figs. There were also flavors I didn’t recognize. There was shredded arugula under the first fig. Not sure why only the first one.

Then the appetizer… steak tartare with a raw quail egg on top and other yummy stuff. I think there was some radish that I recognized. I tried to take little bites to see if I could tell what was in it. I couldn’t. All I knew was it was delicious. Love the presentation on this too.

Next was the cream of butternut soup. Very creamy. Had a kick of cayenne pepper. I didn’t know it was pepper and ate almost all of it in one spoonful. Oops. Good thing I had a glass of water!

Albert picked the lamb dish. It had lentils and other things in it. I don’t like lamb but the sauce and lentils were good.

I got the buffalo. I heard the server say, “Buffalo… blah blah… butter… blah blah… scalloped potato… blah blah asparagus… blah blah… sauce.” So that’s all that I can tell you about this dish’s ingredients. All I know was it was outstanding. The buffalo was seared and super flavorful and tender.

They also brought out a surprise! This was a special pre-dessert thing not on the menu. Albert had grapefruit flavored and mine was lemon flavored. There was a crunchy cookie and they wrote “Happy anniversary” on a piece of sugar that looked like glass.

Albert got a creme brulee but I loved my dessert… a baked Alaska. And so beautiful too!

I had never had a baked Alaska before. It was cake with almond ice cream with the meringue topping that was torched. So yummy!

In the meantime, Albert and I had a wonderful conversation about things we are learning, marriage, parenting, future career, etc.

It was really a wonderful dinner! God has blessed me with an amazingly loving and wonderful husband. We’re facing a challenging year ahead with Albert’s new job and my acclimating back to working again. But it is good to go through it together!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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