Non-detail oriented son

My son Daniel is very different than me. He is a big-picture sort of person. His allergies to details always make me chuckle.

Like the other day, when he was cooking.

Most of the times when he is cooking, I hear from the kitchen, “Oops.” Or, “Uh oh.” Or, “I forgot that part.” It appears that his eyes tend to skip certain instructions.

The other day I heard him say, “Oh, I forgot that. Haven’t done that before. Branching out.”

Then yesterday, we went to his school to pick up his schedules and get ID cards, etc.

Daniel: (looking at table signs as we walk by) ABS. No, don’t need that.

Me: What’s ABS mean?

Daniel: No idea.

Me: How do you know you don’t need it?

Daniel: I just do. (Walks past next table.)  Diploma. Nope, don’t need that.

Me: What? You don’t need a diploma?

Daniel: What’s a diploma?

Me: It’s proof that you graduated!

Daniel: (stops walking and heads back, giving a sheepish grin) Good thing you came with me today.

Someday my son will have to marry a very detail-oriented woman.

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  1. Albert - August 18, 2011

    I’m praying for her now…

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