Matthew’s 1-year birthday

Last weekend my little nephew turned one! Corrie scheduled his birthday party to coincide with the weekend that our other sister, Leslie, was out visiting from Boston.

Love this picture! This trip was the first time Leslie got to meet her little nephew. I’m the lucky auntie, much closer in distance.


I also like this picture of Matthew with his dad Steve. The highlights from the sun on their hair are pretty cool.

The birthday boy seemed in good spirits at the park, though I hear this was not true all day. He’s definitely an extrovert. Seems very happy around people.



I was quite amused by his antics. Amazing how babies are so self-amusing. I just happened to capture the moment he had with a water bottle.



Corrie was very creative. Matthew’s nickname is rocket, so she got Rocket Popsicles. Here’s Megan and her cousin Marisa with the popsicles.

The cake had a rocket too. And the favors were Orbit gum and Starburst with other treats in a cup!


Happy birthday, Matthew!




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  1. Carmen Lin - August 29, 2011

    Matthew was so lucky to have his auntie Leslie’s family drive all the way across United States to attend his very first birthday! May his whole life be as bright as the weather that day.

  2. Leslie - September 3, 2011

    Megan and Marisa are so cute. They are in the exact same pose!

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