Back in the saddle: ministry directors’ retreat

After a long summer, I am back to work!

Actually, the summer seemed to go quickly. I started it wondering what I would do all summer. I’ve ended it wondering what I actually did. In a nutshell: I did very little, but accomplished a lot! (With God’s grace!)

This summer was an amazing healing journey for me. I started my leave with something like 30 different symptoms/issues. The majority of them have been addressed or healed during this summer. The focus has been rest — physically, emotionally, and spiritual. The result has been much progress and healing!

I’m in a new place — at peace, thankful and confident of my calling, and ready to get back to work. The main challenge is my stamina and ability to handle stress is not where it used to be but I trust that will build up over time.

So, yesterday was my first day back at work. I hit the decks running by heading out of town with the other pastors for our Ministry Director’s retreat.

We headed down to Missions Springs Conference Center. It was very quiet and so nice to have the whole place pretty much to ourselves!




Of course I had to take the obligatory flower shots.


The guys stayed in dorm rooms, but we had the house for cooking. Since I was the only girl, I got to stay in the house! Wow!!! So spoiled!


We spent most of our time worshiping, praying, discussing, and planning, but there was a little break for the guys to play bocce ball. Alex is such a ham.



Matt amazed us all with his gourmet skills. He was in charge of food and created an amazing menu for the retreat.

I took some initiative to try to organize everyone for meal duty. Unfortunately, I accidentally made doubles for lunch and no shifts for dinner. One person said, “Hmm…. looks like you are out of practice.” Another person said, “She’s human!” Kyle said, “That just makes me feel so much better!”

Maybe I have lost it…

I often forget that I’m the only girl in the group. (Kim is also part of our team but she is part time and teaches at the preschool, which means I am usually the female representative in the team.) The one thing about being with a bunch of guys, though, is that guys sure play pranks on each other more than girls do. Matt forgot his toiletries, so Glen and Gary went out to buy some for him. They returned later, saying that they got Matt the lowest-priced toiletries they could find.

Well, what do you expect. Glen carries around a pink camera and a pink clipboard.

It was great to be back as part of the team. I am excited to work together and see what God will do this year. I feel honored to be a part of such a talented, competent, passionate team. We are all gifted in different ways and it is so cool to see the synergy that happens when we partner together.

Left to right: Kyle Thomsen, Jamie Crook, Alex Wright, Matt Robbins, me,  Glen Nielsen, Dan Britts, Gary Woods. Not pictured: Kim Windall.

Being back at work feels different. I feel more at peace about things. A few people have even commented that I look different — more healthy and peaceful and centered. I think that’s the good work God has done this summer. 🙂

I am taking it slow as I ease back in. The retreat stretched me. I made it through yesterday, but by the time I got home around 4:30 today I was pooped. Even after drinking caffeine, I fell on the sofa and conked out!

Sure is great to be back though!

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  1. Carmen Lin - August 30, 2011

    I got to see your whole church staff for the first time, here in the picture.

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