Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze

This past July, our church put on a summer day camp/Vacation Bible School for the kids. Since I was not there, I didn’t participate in the actual event. But Albert was one of the teachers so I went to help him the two days he was teaching.

Albert was Nunu of the North. He came out bundled up against the elements (good thing there was air conditioning indoors!)

Albert pretended he had lost his way and couldn’t find the stage. A little kid said, “It’s that way!” and pointed to the stage. Love how kids are so wanting to be helpful!

Albert told the story of Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams — the seven brawny cows (said in a Arnold Schwarzeneggar accent).

Then there were also the seven wimpy cows (said in a scared, tiny voice).

The kids loved it.  The next Sunday as Albert walked through church, many kids said, “Hi, Nunu!”

Megan was one of the Breakaway dancers. What a perfect role for her.

Daniel was up in the tech booth. (Too dark to take pictures.) He likes being behind the scenes… and having all the power. No sound system, no music or dancing!

It was an all-family event, except for me. My role was helping out earlier in the year in the planning before I went on leave.

It was sure great seeing the 425 kids laugh, learn, and have a blast! Many kids came to Christ — so much to celebrate!

I also wrote a post about the decor/ambience in Churcheventipedia. Click here to read it.

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