Update on the prof

Albert is now a few weeks into his new job as a math and physics professor. And the news is…

He loves it!

Every since Albert got his Angry Birds for a physics experiement, he has been thinking of fun ways to get the kids engaged in learning. We have had some interesting conversations.

Albert: Hey, Ang, what do you think about if I make a big Death Star with a hole in it and dress up like a Jedi and tell my students they need to shoot the Angry Bird into the hole like Luke needed to in Star Wars?

Angela: Yes, dear.


Albert: Hey, Ang, what do you think if I dress up as Spock in Star Trek and teach that way, since he was a science officer on the Enterprise?

Angela: Yes, dear.


Albert: Hey, Ang, what do you think if I take all the things that are popular right now and dress up as a Zombie-Vampire-Vulcan-Angry-Bird?

Angela: Uh…


Ok, so the conversations don’t go exactly like that. But Albert does come up with many fun ideas and I even contribute. (Like I told him to put a piggy in the hole of the Death Star so the students could fling their Angry Birds at the piggies.)

Apparently, Albert’s enthusiasm has been appreciated by the students in his class. Today as he was grading papers, he got a nice surprise.

A student had stapled Angry Bird stickers to her homework, a gift for Albert!

A Yee

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  1. Leslie - September 20, 2011

    That is hilarious that a student gave him stickers! Way to go, Albert!

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