College application time

It is really hard to believe that Daniel is a senior and is applying for college next year. My non-administrative, non-detail-oriented son is now needing to fill out forms and write paragraphs about himself. Tonight he started filling out an application for William Jessup, the university where my husband works.

It did not quite go as I expected.

A clue to what was happening was when Daniel said to his friends on Skype that he wanted to play a video game, and Megan, who had pulled up a chair next to him and was munching while watching his computer said, “No! No! I want to watch you fill out college applications!”

Earlier, Daniel had answered the question, “How did you hear about William Jessup University?” and he wrote, “Because my dad works there and he’s pretty cool guy.”

Then I heard this:

Daniel:  How do I contribute at church? Uh… tech team. Uh… what else? What else do I do?

Megan: You help Mommy with stuff.

(Typing sounds as Daniel answers another question on the computer. Lots of giggling from Megan.)

Me: What’s so funny? What did he write?

Megan: (reading off computer) “I am dumb grunt labor for the cutest pastor on staff.”

Who knew that filling out college applications could be so amusing? It’s the new hottest entertainment at the Yee household.

(Fortunately, Daniel is not sending those answers in!)

A Yee

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  1. Albert - September 22, 2011

    What’s wrong with Daniel’s answer? You ARE the cutesy pastor on staff!

  2. Carmen Lin - September 23, 2011

    If I were the college administrator evaluating Daniel’s application, I would consider “I’m the dumb grunt labor…” pretty amusing and quite unusual, outstanding from the rest of other applications and I might consider him brilliant and accept him. This is my true opinion and not b/c Daniel is my grandson.

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