Rodriguez family video

I’ve been on a roll doing videos lately. This past week I had to do two in preparation for our church’s Village Sunday, which was a week dedicated to the focus on children and youth and raising up the next generation.

The Rodriguez family agreed to be interviewed about their experiences. Albert and I went over to their house and shot the footage and then I edited the video.

I had to edit two videos in one day. (I’ll post the other one later.) Unfortunately I probably lost a good 4 to 6 hours just on technical problems. My computer ran out of space, had to stop and backup and clear stuff off, a motion graphics DVD was defective but I didn’t find out until trying it out on 4 different computer drives, my video wouldn’t capture, etc. etc. As a result I stayed up til past 1 trying to edit and only got 5 hours of sleep… not good when you’re trying to keep stress low key!

First cut was 10 minutes long and final was 3. Click on the picture to see the video.

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