Working son

Daniel is growing up! Wahhhhh!!!! It’s amazing how quickly it goes when you have kids. Before you know it, they are about to go to college! This is his senior year.

Another part of his growth process has been working. He got his first official paid job as a fencing instructor.

He’s also getting paid by his grandma to mow her lawn. She is waayyyyy too generous.

For his volunteer time, he helps out in the tech booth at church. This is a challenge because the tech team has to be there early in the morning. Lately the tech team has been overrun with teenage Asian guys.

This is what happens when you have a social teenager working in an area. He recruits all his buddies to help him. I love how these guys are developing their skills to serve God!

If only we could figure out how to help them wake up in the morning. Because one thing I have discovered about my son is that he loves to sleep…

In a restaurant this past summer.


In a store last week.


And even in the tech booth. Our tech director, Peter, took this picture of Daniel during a service.

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  1. Carmen Lin - October 13, 2011

    Yes, Daniel is growing up, way too fast. I still remember how small he was as a baby and a little boy. He’s so muuuuch taller than me now!
    Looking at these pictures of Daniel falling asleep, I’m think it might be better titles “Sleepy Son” than “Working Son.” How do you think?

  2. Carmen Lin - October 13, 2011

    My goodness! I’m not done with my writing and my mouse just jumped by itself and posted my writing over there. There are mistakes that I was not even able to correct. O well. Computer out of control!
    What I want to say is teenagers still need a lot of sleep. Next Saturday, make Daniel go to bed early so that he’ll get up with enough sleep when he goes to church.

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