Memory issues

I wish I could say I only have energy issues.

Alas, this is not the case. Conversation this week at work:

Angela: That’s very strange. I brought my camera today to take pictures of the preschool kids coming through the office, but they never showed up!

Glen: That’s next week.

Angela: What?! Oh boy. Man, I thought that things would be a lot better after my leave of absence.

Glen: What do you mean?

Angela: I thought my memory issues were stress related. So now that I am better, I thought I would have better memory.

Glen: No.

Angela: Why not?

Glen: You’ve been like this since childhood.

Angela: What?! How would you know what I was like in my childhood?

Glen: I sat in your office with you and your sister and your sister said that you have always had memory issues since childhood.

Angela: What? She did?

(Glen shakes his head and walks away.)


Seeing as my sister Leslie is only 15 months older than me, I guess it would be true that she would know what I was like in my childhood. Just seems a bit odd that I was sitting in the office with her when she said that but have no recollection of it.

Or maybe that just proves the point…

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - October 15, 2011

    I cannot believe this: you’re way much younger than your mother, and yet you’re having memory issue. Leslie is your younger sister; she is not 15 months older than you!

  2. Glen Nielsen - October 16, 2011

    Clearly, it proves the point … and your Mom beat me to it … YOU are the first-born child in your family … your sister is actually younger than you.

    This reminds me of the situation two years ago when you went around telling people you were a year older than you really were … until I did the math for you …

  3. Leslie - October 16, 2011

    Indeed, this conversation in your office actually happened, although I did not suspect at the time that you would actually forget it. I remember making some remark like, I remembered more of your childhood than you because you forgot everything.

  4. A Yee

    A Yee - October 16, 2011

    Ha ha, not only do I have memory issues but it appears I have typing issues too… the list continues…

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