Cute phone cover

I recently got an iPhone 4 and cover for it. It’s so cute and since I am a book cover now I find that I carry my phone just about everywhere!


It’s called a BookBook iPhone cover and it looks just like a worn leather book!


Inside, there is even space for an ID or credit cards, if you want.




There is a red “bookmark” on top that you pull on to slide the phone in and out.


It’s amazing how just a little cover helps so much in using a phone. Before I had no cover and the phone was awkward to hold and answer and kept slipping around or falling off piles. Now that I have this cover, I can easily open it up like a book and carry it around without danger of it accidentally slipping out of my hands or off the pile.

It’s available from Amazon.

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  1. Carmen Lin - October 18, 2011

    At the first look of the black cover, I thought it was a Bible.

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