Wide-margin Bible and Bible atlas

I’m not a person who shops very much, because shopping gives me a headache. I am also on a crusade to declutter my house and get rid of as much stuff as possible.

But recently, I made some purchase that was well worth it and has helped enrich my spiritual life. (Purchases made online, of course. No headache that way.)

I have researched Bibles for a long time. Up to now, my primary Bible has been a Thompsen Chain reference Bible that my mom gave me in high school and it has been falling apart! It was my favorite Bible because I could write notes in it and had lots of reference material.

Now that I’m in ministry, I have plenty of other reference tools but after trying various Bibles, nothing really stuck. Until now.

I ended up getting an NIV Wide-Margin Bible.


It was mega-bucks but I figured it was worth it because I am planning to use this Bible the rest of my life! (Hopefully it won’t fall apart.)

As I study the Bible, I can jot down notes, observations and thoughts in the margins. I am also putting a date so it can be a record of my spiritual journey. There is a ton of  space to write.


I find I pay better attention during sermons when I read the passage and write down new insights.

Here’s a link to a more expensive version than what I got, as this link is for a goatskin leather one. I got a cheaper leather version.

Another tool I got recently was a Bible atlas. After doing a bunch of research, I settled on this one — and I’m quite thrilled at how it’s totally enriched my Bible reading!


It goes through the Bible and provides maps of the major events. Since my goal is to read through the entire Bible again using the wide-margin Bible, I can follow along in the atlas and get a picture of where things happened.

This map is of the Judges of Israel and where they were from.


There are also maps of major battle campaigns. I’m totally a maps person. I love looking at battle campaign maps from history. (I’m kind of weird that way. I also like looking at schematics of science fiction space ships. But that’s for another time.)


Here’s a closeup of Gideon’s battles. The 3D geographical map helps me understand what’s going on a lot better.


There are also maps of archaeological sites and features.


God’s Word is coming alive in a way for me. I really look forward to and enjoy my Bible study times!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Leslie - October 19, 2011

    I’m curious what version Bible you got. The wide-margin is a great idea!! I have thought about getting another Bible but then I get stuck on what version to use since I don’t want to have a million NIV bibles around. The maps book looks great! I esp. love the 3D maps. Maybe I will get one too.

    Also, do you have a system for taking Bible notes or underlining in different colors? If you do, maybe you can share it in a blog.

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - October 19, 2011

    It’s an NIV one. There aren’t many choices when it comes to wide-margin Bibles. I read there is not much demand for them so many are discontinued.

    As far as taking notes, I write all my quiet time personal study notes in red. Ones from sermons are in black and I write down the date and initials of the speaker, and write on a separate page in the Bible what all the initials mean.

    No color or underlining yet… still working that part out! I’m thinking of highlighting all the verses i have memorized but not sure if i will do that.

  3. Jaslyn - August 3, 2015

    If possible, could you provide the link to the webpage where you bought this from? I’m quite interested in getting it as well…

  4. Jonathan - August 24, 2015

    Hi Angela

    Could you send a copy of 3D maps of Israel.This to help to understand the terrain before visiting. Your advise /counsel in relation to visit to Israel will be appreciated.

    God bless you in your ministry


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