College, classes, and currency

Albert is a math and physics teacher, but the fun thing about Albert is he doesn’t just teach this stuff. He lives and breathes this stuff.

Because I think it’s actually just a convenient excuse to get things that are fun. Like these magnets.

He is going to put these on his office door so people can play with them. You can put them in any configuration and watch the gears go round.

Albert really loves teaching the classes and the students love him. He makes math and physics fun!

However, one thing he really doesn’t like is grading. So he enlisted some junior TA’s to help him. (Sorry about the blurry photo — I used my phone.)

How did this happen?

Albert: Hey son, if you help me grade papers I’ll mow the lawn for you.

Daniel: Deal!

I’m not sure what Daniel’s friend Timmy gets out of the deal though…

Mother and daughter on the other hand, have a different form of currency to barter with. When we buy packaged food, we divide it all evenly so everyone gets an equal number. This conversation was heard the other week:

Angela: I’ll trade you my pack of ramen for your ice cream bar.

Megan: (eyes light up) Okay!!!!!

It’s interesting what people have to trade with — and what they consider of value!

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