More earrings

Finally picked up jewelry  making again after a very long break. I was going to make some over the summer but ended sleeping most of the summer away! It was good to get back to it — especially since my earrings all seem to be eloping with each other and there is only one of each. I’m not sure where they all go because they disappear while they are hanging in the storage rack!

These are mother of pearl earrings with silver.



More mother of pearl earrings with some kind of blue stone. I forget what kind of stone it is.


These are glass or crystal and gold plated earrings.

A relaxing pasttime!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Carmen Lin - November 6, 2011

    They all look beautiful.
    It’s good that you’re back into jewelry making. I’m sure it’s also therapeutic to you.

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - November 7, 2011

    It is very therapeutic!

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